6th International Forum on
Computer and Information Technology
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  March 9-10, 2019
Shenzhen, China
  Call for Papers

The International Forum on Computer and Information Technology (IFCIT 2016) is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Computer, Electronic, Internet, Information Technology. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

(I) Computer Science and Technology

(01) Parallel Distributed Computing
(02) Computer Networks and Communication
(03) Information Storage
(04) Trusted Computing and Fault-Tolerant Computing
(05) Distributed Computer System
(06) Embedded Software
(07) Operating System
(08) Database System
(09) Software Engineering
(10) Computer Vision and Image Processing
(11) Compiler Techniques
(12) Object-Oriented Technology and Software Automation
(13) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
(14) Cognitive Sciences and Image Thinking Simulation
(15) CAD/Computer Graphics(CG)
(16) Integrated Manufacturing System
(17) Intelligent System Design and intellisense
(18) Intelligent Decision Support
(19) Computer Vision and Intelligent Robot
(20) Information Security

(II) Internet, e-commerce and multimedia

(21) Internet Rounting
(22) Network Security
(23) Network Management
(24) Green Network
(25) Wireless Network
(26) P2P Network
(27) Mobile Internet
(28) Internet of Things
(29) The future of Internet Architecture
(30) New Multimedia Sensor Technology
(31) Media Information Processing
(32) Analysis and Retrieval of Media Content
(33) Multimedia Communication and Distributed Multimedia Systems
(34) Multimedia Systems and Applications
(35) E-commerce and Its Management
(36) E-government and Its Management
(37) Data Management and Smart Technology in E-commerce and E-government
(38) E-commerce Network Level
(39) E-commerce Security
(40) Mobile commerce and Its Applications
(41) The Application of Multimedia Technology in Electronic Commerce

(III) Electronic Science and Technology

(42) Modern Circuit Theory and Applications
(43) DSP real-time encoding technology and signal
(44) Embedded Systems
(45) Biomedical Image Processing
(46) Complex Network Systems Theory and its Applications
(47) Information Network and Coding Techniques
(48) Intelligent Instrumentation and Detection Technology
(49) Antenna Technology
(50) RF Components, System Design
(51) Computational Electromagnetics and Electromagnetic Simulation Technology
(52) Electromagnetic Compatibility and Bioelectromagnetics
(53) Microwave and Millimeter Wave Systems Engineering
(54) New Laser Devices and Technologies
(55) Micro-optoelectronic Device Technology
(56) Optoelectronic Information Technology and Systems
(57) Information Photonics and Optical Communications
(58) Ultra high-speed Optical Communications Technology
(59) The Power Semiconductor Devices and Power IC
(60) Sensor technology
(61) Semiconductor Device Reliability
(62) System Integration

(IV) Information and Communication Engineering

(63) Optical Fiber Communication
(64) Digital TV / Image Communication
(65) Computer Communications and Network Security
(66) Wireless Communication Technology
(67) Statistical Signal Processing
(68) Bio IT
(69) Multimedia
(70) Intelligent Information Processing

(V) The Application of Information Technology in the Enterprise
(71) Production Design Automation
(72) Office Automation System
(73) Enterprise Resourse Planning and Management System
(74) Decision Support System
(75) Artificial Intelligence system
(76) Real-time Sales of POS Systems
(77) Electronic Data Interchange System
(78) Customer Relationship Management System

(VI) Other Related Engineering Topics
(79) Other Related Engineering Topics


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